Flexible EMS Solutions

Completely adaptive and flexible SMT Solutions


We have grown to learn and understand our customer's needs and challenges. There are times that there is sudden increase in demand

As such we have arrived with below options:     


Merchant Line

Piece rate manufacturing and pricing inside MkFF’s factory using common manufacturing resource on SMT, Semiconductor or Electronics Manufacturing Services.


Captive Line

MkFF can provide a Captive Line for the customer inside or outside MkFF’s facility.

  + Dedicated facility - cleanroom / non-cleanroom, utilities, communication. 

  + Dedicated organization - highly technical english-speaking direct labor, management and staff

  + Common machines / equipment / tools


In-House Subcontracting

Provision of manufacturing support inside the customer’s facility where MkFF will provide the direct/indirect labor, engineering/technical support, management/supervision. MkFF can also provide some of the common machines/equipment/jigs/fixtures and depending on the arrangement, we can also provide some direct and indirect materials.


Joint Venture

MkFF is willing to explore to invest with the customer on a manufacturing facility or business venture that will support their needs.


Sample SMT Setup


PANASONIC,FUJI,HELLER, and KOH YOUNG are just some of the brands of the machines that we usually integrate on our assembly lines.