SMT Stencils

Since 2003, we now have almost two decades of experience  manufacturing stencils.  We ensure our customers that we deliver only quality and functional stencil. Equipped with the latest LPKF G6080 Gen II lasercutting machine,  our stencils are manufactured with the highest precision and with it's Real-Time Process Control, every aperture is being checked in real time. 


We also bring more value to our customers by ensuring that stencils are based on design guidelines such as aperture ratio, paste transfer efficiency and more which are based on IPC 7525.  We check your data and provide design recommendations thru our checkplot  at no extra cost.   


All our customer files are being safely archived on our servers. In any case an stencil broke down, you just need to give us the manufacturing reference number and we will readily deliver the stencil in no time.


29 x 29 inches 40 x 40 mm SUS 304 (Stainless)
650 x 750 mm 40 x 30 mm SUS 301 (Fine Grain)
650 x 680 mm 40 x 25 mm Nickel
550 x 650 mm 40 x 20 mm Copper
550 x 600 mm 38 x 38 mm  
23 x 23 inches    
420 x 620 mm    
450 x 450 mm    
420 x 470 mm    
320 x 440 mm    
We can do frame size customizations based on your requirements.



Feel free to browse below the different types of stencils that we offer. Click on the picture to learn more.