NanoCoat Stencils

What are NanoCoat Stencils? 

NanoCoat stencils are specially-treated lasercut stencils with flux repellant (fluxopobic) nano coating.   


Nano coating is both hydrophobic (water repellant) and oleophobic (oil repellant) which means that it will repel most materials including flux and solder paste residues. Notice the water drops on the image on the left beads up since it is being repelled by the stencil surface.


Furthermore, it is chemically bound to the stencil surface, so there is no risk of the treatment coming off the surface and contaminating other downstream process.


NanoCoat is compatible with organic (solvent) based cleaning systems and non-caustic aqueous cleaning systems (pH < 11).




BENEFITS of NanoCoat  

» improve paste transfer efficiency

» reduce flux bleed

» improve first pass yield

» reduce the number of under side cleaning



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Board marker pen or pentel pen can be used to test the presense of nanocoat on a stencil.


Notice the pen-ink being repelled by the area with nano coating (the ink beads up).