Lasercut Nickel Stencils

What are Lasercut Nickel Stencils? 

These type of stencils, as we say are the "Best of Both Worlds" stencil.  You get almost the same quality as electroform stencil but with the same lead-time as a lasercut stencil.   


The process is the same as lasercut stencil except we use nickel foil instead of SUS foil. The nickel foil we use are manufactured using electroforming process that produces hard nickel blanks. This has a very high chemical purity. It consists of 99.8% nickel and only 0.2% impurities.







» better print-to-print consistency

» smoother aperture walls

» faster lead-time compared to electroformed stencils

» longer stencil-life since nickel is twice as hard as stainless steel

» lesser cleaning cycle needed 

» improved capability for fine pitch components 



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