ICT Test Fixtures




Why the need for ICT Testing? 

ICT is a powerful tool for pcb testing. It shows whether the pcb assembly was properly fabricated by using electrical probes to check for shorts, open, resistance, capacitance, polarity, inductance and other basic quantities.
The fixture is basically comprised of multiple contact pins, commonly known as "bed of nails" that comes in contact with test points to measure the performance of the components mounted on the printed circuit board.
Our current capability is up to 512 test points per pcb. As for the design, we can customize as per our customer's requirement.
MkFF fabricates in-circuit test fixtures for the below listed ICT machine brands :
>> PTI
>> Takaya
>> TRI
>> Hioki
>> Keysight
>> Focus
>> Tescon


Please email your inquiry to : testandfixtures@mkff.com.ph