Electroform Stencils




What are Electroform Stencils? 

These type of stencils, are the only type which uses additive process. The nickel material is grown atom by atom to a mandrel which contains a negative image mold of the stencils' aperture. After the required stencil thickness is achieved, the photoresist is then removed from the mandrel thus separating the completed stencil nickel foil. The electroforme nickel will then be mounted the the customer's required frame specifications.


Electroform stencils are best used for boards with fine pitch parts, miniature bga's and for wafer bumping.




» Applicable for high density printing like wafer application

» Superior printing performance compared to other stencil types

» smoothest aperture walls, thus guarantees best paste release

» longer stencil life span

» best positional tolerance 

» No stress on material during production 



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